Fine chemicals intended for easy transformations in parallel synthesis reactions are the main asset of Abamachem. We offer over 2 million elaborated compounds suitable for use as terminal- and linker-type reagents. Products supplied by Abamachem are scarce and underrepresented on the market because of production complexity and strict requirements to manufacturing conditions. We believe that variety of structural motifs and unsurpassed quality will make our catalogue a preferred source for your research needs.

Building blocks (zipped sdf, 1,271,169 products, July 2020)

Abamachem offers a large collection of drug-like screening compounds. They have been synthesized by means of arylation of a very diverse set of amines, phenols and thiols. This afforded a collection of molecules with limited number of rotating bonds (less or equal to 6) and high structural diversity.

Screening Library (zipped sdf, 1,453,532 products, July 2019)

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